This is an accounting of my experience with Eczema and my chronic autoimmune disease.

9th January 2012

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On a high…and a low.

Well as always megaroid creams and antibiotics have worked their wonders. Results came back, MRSA again accompanied with a dash of Strep. How nice of these bacteria to inhabit my Eczema.

On a darker note, I ran out of muscle relaxers nearly a week ago, and I’m definitely feeling the results. My stiffness has increased dramatically in the mornings and my recently renewed faith in stretching has lost it’s glamour. I find myself asking my husband for back rubs much more often than I was, and I’m having trouble performing my day to day functions. Hopefully Medco sends my relief soon…

My rheumydoc declared that my range of motion has decreased and I’m being rechecked for Lupus, that’s a scary monster to face. If there is a God, I pray that he doesn’t curse me with yet another disease to fight. I was tested for Lupus years ago when they hadn’t yet figured out what was causing my issues. I never looked into it when they told me that my results were negative; I also never thought that those results could change.

My disease was declared from genetic markers which caused me to think that the Lupus test was also looking for genetic markers…I was wrong, of course. I’ve been reading up on Lupus and the information I have found is..disheartening. Many of the tests and symptoms are identical to those used in my disease, lacking the HLA-B27 genetic marker. 

It seems my journey down the road of chronic illness does not stop at AS. 

Here is where my Lupus information has been derived if anyone else is struggling with symptoms or bad outlooks along with me:

Good luck my friends. Until next time.

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